Jun 26, 2018 | Virtual Reality, XR

Virtual Reality (VR) in recruitment

Various companies and Organizations have started utilizing the technological aim of AR (Augmented Reality) and specially VR (Virtual Reality) in the recruitment process, e.g., JaguarJet.comDeutche Bahn and Mariott. Additionally, public – and governmental services, i.e., military branches such as British Army and the US Navy have also implemented VR in their recruitment process.
In case of Jaguar, an App have been developed that allows the candidates to learn about the variety of electric vehicles and solve an engaging, but demanding code breaking puzzles, to test the candidates’ curiosity, persistence, lateral-thinking and problem-solving skills.
Jaguar received excellent feedback from the users, which led to two significant advantages for Jaguar. Firstly, they received many applications from candidates that were impressed by Jaguar’s innovative and creative approach. Secondly, Jaguar could recruit those candidates that were exceptional at the code-breaking games.
Jet.com on the other hand applies VR to illustrate the company culture for new applicants such that the applicants experience it instead of just hear about it. The applicants can therefore travel across the company into different departments, enjoy the happy hour with the company band and most importantly, experience a meeting with the CEO. 
Like Jaguar, Deutche Bahn has also used VR in their recruitment process and they began receiving five to ten times more applications and most importantly, the applicants were more skillful in terms of education and experience, respectively.
For the company of General Mills, the aim of applying Virtual Reality was to stand out at busy career events. The candidates were offered a virtual tour at their headquarter and they received a magnificent response. The IT Director of General Mills states: “We knew it would be an automatic magnet for attention. When you’re trying to standout in a crowded career hall, nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.”
However, the best results have been from the British Army who created a Virtual Reality experience allowing the candidates to experience four different contexts during a war situation. Their campaign was so effective that they experienced a 66% increase in their recruitment applications.

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