How augmented reality can add some magic to Christmas campaigns

Oct 22, 2018 | Augmented Reality, Blog

Augmented Reality Christmas campaigns

December is fast approaching, and with it comes Christmas! Or the holiday season, if you will.

Some don’t celebrate Christmas as religious holiday, but still celebrates it as a tradition filled with love and light, but also myths and magic. A little spark of superstition that a lot of us has carried since we were children, waiting for Santa and looking for elves during December.

As it happens, Christmas time is also a time for a lot of spending as people buy gifts for their loved ones, have christmas lunches with friends and family, make their homes festive with holiday decor and so on. And businesses take part in the Christmas spirit in order to compete for the attention of the consumers and benefit from this slight rise in consumption.

Why use Augmented Reality in your campaign?

By using Augmented Reality (AR) you might just be able to connect with that childhood wonder of Christmas, by bringing a little bit of magic to your marketing.

With Augmented Reality you are still observing reality, technically, but with added layers of information. This can be filters for photos, it can be objects in the room or characters, you can interact with through the device.

You can bring the myths, the magic and the fairytales of Christmas time closer to your target group, because you can add magical things directly to their observed reality. Do this right, and you can make them connect your brand with Christmas spirit and holiday magic.

It doesn’t have to stand alone. You can use AR as part of your campaign, making it an element in a cross media marketing strategy, where the other elements are in your catalogs, on your websites, your social media or in your stores.

Augmented Reality ideas for Christmas


Decorate Christmas trees

With AR you can put a tree up anywhere and decorate it as you like, even if it’s too early to buy a Christmas tree or you haven’t gotten all the decorations yet.

And since it’s augmented reality, you can give it a touch of something more, something that can rarely be found in reality. Angels that come alive on the tree, elves that play on drums or eat candy canes… you name it!

You can combine it with decoration ideas or gift ideas from your own catalog, which might lead the users to spend their money on your products. It can also give you information on the user behavior, when it comes to Christmas decoration, that you can work from in your future strategy.

Find elves and stolen presents

Christmas elves (or as we call them here: “nisser”) are mythical creatures commonly associated with Christmas and many of our tales about Christmas contains elves either helping santa or being little tricksters.

With AR you can bring Christmas tales to life to your customers anywhere around them and have them chase the little tricksters in a game. The plot could be that the elves steal presents, which the player has to retrieve or stop from getting stolen by the trickster elves.

The game could lead the customers to your stores or you could lead customers to your site with the game, giving the users a cross-media game experience in your campaign.

AR Advent calendar

Counting down to Christmas can be done in many ways, from chocolate calendars to Christmas television calendars. You can also make AR Advent calendars where the users open up the boxes and perhaps unlock features, games or coupons for each day up to Christmas. It can be combined, perhaps, with the ideas mentioned earlier.

Having an advent calendar in AR simply gives you more to work with in order to create a wondrous experience for the user. Augmented Reality gives us the ability to make reality magical, and why shouldn’t an Advent calendar be just that?

So as you can see, there are possibilities for AR in Christmas campaigns

There are already some examples of AR campaigns out there, but we are sure there are plenty more to come.

We will also soon be giving you all a small Christmas treat.

From all of us at VMA Nordic to all of you!

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