Jun 26, 2018 | Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

VR, XR and MR

Gatwick Airport has taken the first step in becoming a world first for an airport. They have recently installed 2000 beacons enabling augmented reality wayfinding.

This new implementation comes as a new innovation strategy from Gatwick airport and we must admit, they have done a good job.

Through this app, the passengers will never be late, they will be guided through their phones to the check-in counter, their gate or the nearest restaurant.

Not only is it useful but also engaging and interacting for the users.

The possibilities of using Augmented Reality (AR) in indoor has previously been a challenge because of the lack of GPS-support. However, we see an increase in shopping centers, airports, hospitals and event halls that are implementing AR as an indoor wayfinding solution for their customers and guests.

The data which can be collected by the app can include:

  • Que measurement
  • Streamlining passenger flows
  • Reducing congestion

Further than this, the app can be used to send reminders to passengers about their flights, tell them where they can pick their luggage and even allow retailers to send relevant offers or promotional messages to the users. A bit of food or some duty-free shopping would not hurt?

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