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Vi lever af at udvikle innovative, brugervenlige og fordybende VR-, MR- og AR oplevelser for vores kunder.

Creativity. Innovation. Quality.

We are a creative agency that helps companies and organizations to create interactive and immersive Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR) and WebAR for use in eg. sales, marketing, employee training or storytelling.

We work with a variety of tools and software including Unreal Engine, Unity, ARKit, Vuforia and ARCloud to offer our partners the best solution.

We are motivated by skipping the boundaries of what is possible to create in VR, MR and AR and we love challenges that result in innovative and user-friendly solutions for our partners.

You can visit us by appointment at our offices in Herlev and Vejle.

We offer

We would like to be world champions in everything – but we know that it is not possible. Below you can see which areas we believe we are world champions in.

Virtual Reality

We are solving all kinds of VR tasks. It could be story-telling, an interactive game or a regular 360° video. The ideas are many and only the fantasies can set the boundary. Do you have the idea, then we have the expertise.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality is a combination of AR and VR. Here, the user integrates with the items, which can be seen via smartphones or glasses such as HoloLens.

Consultation regarding AR, VR & MR

Do you need consultation regarding your business strategy and VR, AR, or MR? We will never say no to a cup of coffee and an informal talk about how could your company benefit from AR, VR, and MR. And of course, it is free of charge, but a cup of coffee with milk can make miracles.

Augmented Reality

Today, AR is frequently used to everything, including marketing, sale, navigation, and virtual training of employees. We love working with AR because this technology removes the “impossible” boundaries. Contact us and hear what we can do for your company.


Most VR, AR and MR projects contains animation. We have a professional team of animators, 3D artists, riggers, and developers, which can handle these tasks for our customers – and we are not compromising with the quality.

360° video

A regular 360° video is normally also referred to as a VR video. We make use of market’s best 360° cameras to maintain a high quality of the videos. The videos are edited and exported, such that it can be seen with or without VR glasses.

VR & AR appudvikling

Typically, your VR, AR or MR will be delivered to your customers via an App. This can be obtained through Google Play, App Store, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or via Facebook, YouTube and even your webpage. We have some of the best App and back-end developers, which can solve these tasks for our customers.

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We are a creative VR and AR agency that develops innovative, user-friendly and immersive VR and AR experiences for our customers.

We love new challenges and motivated by setting new standards for what is possible in VR and AR.

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